ovulation test high fertility but no peak fertility

Posted on 20 Авг 201911

All highs and no peaks - BabyCentre

All highs and no peaks - BabyCentre
14 Jan 2011 ... "Well I've finally done it, no not BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) ( unfortunately) but I've had a high on the CBFM from CD6 for guesss how many days? Yell 20 bloody days (pardon the french). I've been reeady to throw the monitor8 days high fertility - Getting pregnant - BabyCenter Australia
8 days high fertility : I've been using Clearblue ovulation test and so far I have had 8 days of high fertility (flashing smiley face) but no peak fertility yet? Anyone else experienced ...

17 Nov 2017 ... Identify your 4 most fertile days each cycle and maximise your chance of getting pregnant naturally with the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test. Learn more. High fertility for 5 days no peak - Netmums Chat

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