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What Can I Do If My Work Visa Is Denied? - AllLaw.com

What Can I Do If My Work Visa Is Denied? - AllLaw.com
I'm Outside the U.S. and My Work Visa Was Denied – What Are My Options? If you are outside of the U.S. when USCIS denies your petition, a couple of options are available to you. First, your employer can most likely start over and file a second I-129 peHow to Appeal a Denied I-129 Petition - AllLaw.com
If your employment-based immigration application was denied, you - or your employer - may be able to appeal. Here's how it works.

17 Aug 2014 ... What would be the cost for these options? Success rate? Process time? or is that totally a bad idea? Will it affect next year if i get chance to apply with other employer? 3. Any other way this petition would helpful to obtain H1 lawfull Equitable Prescription Drug Coverage - Scholarship Repository

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