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Posted on 13 Янв 201813

A Review of the One Minute Cure - Anti Aging Empire

A Review of the One Minute Cure - Anti Aging Empire
I understand how you feel. But consider what people subject their bodies to every day. All the synthetic and processed foods people readily consume without a second ...

The light energized water is relatively new so it has not gone international on a large scale. Those who are currently experiencing a physical or emotional crisis can find relief and possible cure by regularly practicing the breathing technique taught. This is part of our marketing industry and alternative medicines are no exception. I’m told that once you get pneumonia, your body never completely rids itself of it, thus making you more succeptable to it in the future. But it does make people use loose details and research claims that are imprecise to make indirect claims that make it look like their product is having these positive effects.

I have skimed thru this book and am very interested in trying it. Chapter 5 shows how the compound used in this form of oxygen therapy is a naturally occurring substance. The author is probably citing this research and treament when he talks about the “research”. This tells about 1%:- Another controversial alternative medical procedure is inhalation of hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of about 1%. Start on 3 drops 3x daily then increase over a period of time I had the best effect when I used H2O2 for a detox bath, put half a cup into a bath and soak in it for 20 mins – WOW that was amazing, it really helped my case of mercury poisoning The book is right – we are definitely lacking in oxygen these days – when you add up living in cities, eating processed foods and drinking tap water (with chlorine or fluoride in) it you will quickly see that oxygen (our most needed nutrient) is largely missing from our daily lives today Aerobic organisms thrive in an oxygen rich environment, Anaerobic organisms don’t and as such they die All Good Things that live in our bodies ie beneficial bacteria like Bifidus, Acidopholous, etc etc are ALL Aerobic organisms, and conversely all BAD things that live in our bodies ie Candida, Cancer, Viruses etc etc are ALL Anaerobic This is as clear as Day and Night people, OXYGEN will boost everything that is good about your health, and kill everything that is bad Please try this your self as I am a full convert to the belief in oxygen, i use ozone gel regularly to help my teeth, I have even seen cavities reducing in size and improving in colour due to this, in fact dentists these days use ozone in the labs for teeth healing Always good to hear some results from someone using oxygen therapy.

I came across the One minute cure website while finding a cure for myself in fighting against Ankylosing spondylitis (AS). However, it is a bit difficult to remember to keep up with all the supplements, dietary changes, etc. Today I took my first 1/2 drop of 35% Food Grade H2O2, and I did it on an empty stomach. I agree that it does make me a bit nauseous first thing in the morning. It’s certainly something I will look into further as you’ve raised a very interesting question. I have noticed that a good selling point is to accuse big pharma of keeping secrets from us consumers. But as a general rule I wouldn’t deviate from the book’s guidelines. I would prefer to be monitored by a ‘health professional’ in case I do something inadvised by mistake. But the idea that this form of oxygen therapy, ingested in the form of diluted hydrogen peroxide or otherwise, is very cheap and not motivated by profit – I think is a bit misleading or a clever form of misdirection! The therapy itself may of course be very cheap but being skeptical I can’t help thinking that the book itself is sold for a profit – placing a bias on what it has to say! Chapter 2 talks about the most feared diseases in America (Cancer etc)and how the type of oxygen therapy detailed has effectively cured people suffering from these diseases. I highly recommend the Art of Breathing course as an oxygen therapy to reverse the aging process and prevent disease.

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I decided to take vaseline and make a thick pace over my hand. I no longer have Psoriasis of the scalp which I have had for 30 years and do not need to treat it with special shampoos anymore. I also doubt the book has 1 research article that says ingested H2o2 cured any disease. Well of course your point about the American Cancer Society and their statements is just re-iterating what the book say’s about the current establishment, their resistance to such ideas and why. However, it is a bit difficult to remember to keep up with all the supplements, dietary changes, etc.

Maybe a new protocol or new effective way to take this treatment has been found. Before investing $$$ in this book, I decided to search for commentaries on this secret ingredient and the procedure. My medical doctor/naturopath recommended it to me, not for anything specific, but just for general health improvement. Personally, I would appreciate more evidence in this section because the statements made are highly controversial. Yes, initial reaction to H2O2 can be as you described.

I use the powdered form in freshly squeezed juice. I am skeptical of H2O2 ingestion and its effects as it travels down to the poop chute. Maybe the author tried it and he had a miraculous cure but then he shouldn’t go round making cure all claims. It separates as a gas and is immediately absorbed into your blood stream with the same oxygen that has been picked up from your lungs. I, and quite a few of my clients have used H2o2 internally. I smoked cigarettes for more than 50 years, I drank alcohol excessively for many years. It will not taste good or feel good and as the dosage increase you will feel more and more resistance to digesting it. It was exactly what I think most of us hope to find when we are researching potential cancer cures and are trying to decide whether a new report or book is worth investing our rapidly declining funds in. However, some doctors are referenced by name to have had some success with oxygen therapy. To those interested, I have been using both H2O2 and Ozone gel for various health issues for over a year now In regards to Oxygen therapy I am a complete believer, I have had many an experience which has boosted my health like no other therapye I have tried (diet included) In regards to is H2O2 safe for ingestion, I regard it to be safe at the right dilution, you can dilute food grade h2o2 to 3-25 drops in a glass of water and have that 3 times a day.

A Review of the One Minute Cure - Anti Aging Empire

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