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Smith & wessons next-gen m&p shield 9mm - gun reviews

Smith & wessons next-gen m&p shield 9mm - gun reviews
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield: a lightweight, thumb-safety-less 9mm designed for home and personal protection.

So what is true of parking brakes is also true of gun safeties? Is that the type of argument you’d present to a jury? You can’t argue with metaphors and cute sayings. The Shield can now be had with or without safety. All of a sudden, the M&P compact that I’ve felt comfortable with for years felt chunky by comparison, if not downright clunky. Haven’t shot it yet but read many reviews before purchasing. I have an xd 40 subcompact and I find the recoil very controllable.

DJ, I can think of 9 people that probably wish the two officers outside the Empire State Building had less ammo available and a lot more practice. Brown and Silver always give guns a good workout, as do Tula and low-rent Fiocchi ammo, even though the latter is brass-cased. The Shield enables me to carry in any clothing choice I choose without the anxiety of printing or the necessity for an expensive gun belt. I was never close to losing control of the pistol, but the texture did nothing to inspire confidence. It’s tempting to strip, clean, and lube it before the first round is even chambered but should I? I also have concerns about +P and +P+ rounds, any thoughts how they work with the little guy are welcome.

What I am talking about the makers talk about one gun in specifications and the same maker talks about another gun and leave out certain items. I had been debating between the Ruger LC9 and the Shield for quite some time. Optic Front Sight 2-8rnd      • 1 - Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley. But I’ve shot a friend’s LC9 on several occasions and I’ve had the same problem every time–after the first shot, I fumble with the trigger trying to find the reset. I cannot imagine the problem some have mentioned about their thumb activating the slide lock accidentally. All those right-hand controls are finger friendly, tactile and lock positively into position. That said the safety on the Shield is unusual in that even when engage the action is operable. I have had my LC9 for close to a year now, and like it fine, but I have also fired two friends’ Shields and I think I would have chosen the Shield if starting from scratch. Blued steel, Black Zytel Stock, 14rnd tube mag Great Cond Mfg. It was not hard at all for me to hit six inch targets at 15 yards, with many shots in a two inch group in the center.

Gun review smith & wesson m&p9 shield - the truth about guns
Had the Glock 27 & 26 as my BUG’s for the last 8 years (great guns)…but when I discovered the Shield I switched…I like the fact that the Shield is flat, easier to pocket carry, just as tough, accurate and reliable as the Glock, easier to take down, able to shoot lead reloads, I like the manual safety (Glock safe-action is a myth), and it .

Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols M&P Full Size, Compact, 2. 0 – 9/40/45 M&P Shield & Shield 2.

It was so enjoyable to shoot that I shot all the ammo I brought (2 full mags plus 50). It’s the single stack Glock everybody’s always claimed they wanted. POLISH & ROMAINIAN AK-47 MAGS PRE-BAN Mags Available Please Note: We do our best to make sure images on our site are the proper representations of each weapon. The Kahr is just like carrying a revolver with a good trigger. IMHO, guns in this category need to be THIN ! Otherwise, I’ll carry a G19.

After 50 rounds (great grouping), cleared my little friend, stuck it in my waistband, and went home. I was concerned about the “snappy” recoil, but it was fine. But I want to add that there is something nice about the safety. With +p hot loads pushing a hollow point like the Hornady critical defense the 9mm no longer gives up much of anything to the 40 short & weak. I own the M&P9c and I love the damn thing.

If you have spent ANY time with 1911’s the safety is no problem, easy to flip OFF with the thumb, and simple to switch on with the pointer finger of your off hand, if you are a righty. And reliability can suffer when power overwhelms small springs, feathery frames and parts made by pixies. The Shield was a good shooter and with a few gunsmith tweaks, it would be much better. But, I’ve been reading about Pearl the Wonder Dog for years. You can’t really even be sure one without a manual safety will function. It would not move on its own, but it could be pushed a tad bit from side to side. After pedaling to the range on a hot day, my paws were slick with perspiration. Handling the Shield is child’s play (although I recommend it for adults only). I’ve been carrying the Shield for quite some time and I’ve found it to have the best balance of concealment options and shoot ability. The M&P 9c is a little thicker than the shield, that gives you 4 more rounds than w/ the Shield’s 8 round mag, but the grip is longer on the Shield with that 8 round mag than the 9c.

Smith & wesson shield 9mm review - guns holsters and gear

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