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Posted on 18 Июл 201913

Inversion: Viagra for Tax Dodgers | HuffPost

Inversion: Viagra for Tax Dodgers | HuffPost
18 Apr 2016 ... Today, in honor of Tax Day and to highlight corporate inversions and other tax- dodging schemes, American Family Voices, Americans for Tax Fairness, and the Agenda Project Action Fund launched a video parody entitled “Inversion, from PfizMega Merger of Botox and Viagra Raises Concern in US Treasury ...
23 Nov 2015 ... Obama's Corporate Tax Reform Proposal Provokes Company Inversion · Mega Merger of Botox and Viagra Makers Sets Off Alarm in US Treasury Rather Than Worry About Tax 'Inversions,' President Obama and Congress Should Fix the Tax System. Pf

6 Apr 2016 ... The companies said they agreed to ditch the deal that would have put Pfizer's fibromylagia treatment Lyrica and erectile dysfunction drug Viagra under ... Corporate leaders have blasted U.S. laws they say make it prohibitively expensive t Pfizer, Allergan sign $160bn merger deal making Viagra owner the ...

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