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Posted on 16 Июн 201811

Wonderhussy exploring the desert around vegas

Wonderhussy exploring the desert around vegas
Tales of a Vegas-based nude model and fearless adventuress.

The only problem with the Hair of the Dog performance was, I was  hung over that day, so I had a trusted friend dose me with a small amount of ketamine beforehand, as a sort of goose (ketamine is a horse tranquilizer, but in small amounts it works as a fun party drug). Anyway, I can’t WAIT to blog about my 3-week roadtrip and my Canadian plane crash adventure — both are GREAT stories! But in the meantime…. I didn’t really mind sitting there watching and listening to him. As I walked, I also got philosophical, thinking about the course and the Vipassana teachings.

Who’s RV, I was moping around setting up camp when a friendly vandwelling hippie who was camped nearby came over…and turned out to be one of the coolest people I’ve ever met! Not only did he know everything there was to know about the hot springs (he’s been coming for years, and is the one who asked me not to reveal the name in this blog)…but he is also from Bolinas, this super-cool little hippie town on the coast just north of San Francisco. Kind bars, a Coke, an apple and a small baggie of trail mix. But then one day I switched out my sleeping bag (which was having issues) for some of the spare blankets they had in our cabin, and felt a bit itchy the next day…and found that I had a small welt on my ribcage. But there was one chunk of east-central Nevada that I had never visited, and it was driving me nuts! So when my friend Dr. I just wanted to haul ass as quickly as possible.

That was another cool thing about Vipassana — they don’t  you to sit cross-legged or anything fancy, they just tell you to find a comfortable position that you can hold for one hour. After lunch, we had a free period of an hour, during which we could talk to one of the teachers (which as mentioned I never did), take a nap, or walk in the woods. It’s a really cool place! Anyway, we went into the saloon and ordered drinks; there was only one other customer in the place, so it was pretty dead. I grew up in a fairly large family full of women, so I was sort of used to jockeying for bathroom time. They teach you some body-scanning and mindfulness techniques, but you’re pretty much on your own all day. Apparently it was a popular stop for sportsmen on their way to/from the Eastern Sierra, its claim to fame being that at 7,167 feet, it was the World’s Highest Casino — 1000 feet higher than Lake Tahoe. After hee-hawing to a few rounds of Larry the Cable Guy, we were treated to a set from new-outlaw-on-the-block Chris Stapleton, followed by the mellifluous musings of Kid Rock. So I took my friend up on his generous offer, packed my bag and headed for Nashville. Prior to this, in 7 years of Burning Man I had only taken one shower (that’s right…. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about joining their ranks — these are people who shit their pants and fall asleep in their own piss beneath RVs!! But since I pretty much hung out with them all day, every day last year… I figured I might as well bite the bullet, pay their $200 camp dues, and camp with them officially.

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I definitely don’t mean to offend!) But eventually all the parties finally did die out, and we packed up camp to head home. All that sitting around on your ass really works up an appetite, I guess! In any event, the men’s dining room was separated from the women’s by a thin curtain, and many’s the time I snortled to myself at the sight of all us miserable crones furiously chopping up bananas in stern silence while on the other side, the poor celibate men were probably sniffing the curtains and dreaming of pussy, blissfully unaware. Most anyone who’s ever met me would agree that my transformation was a total success — maybe much of a success, haha, as nowadays I rarely shut up. So I took my friend up on his generous offer, packed my bag and headed for Nashville. YouTube channel…so I guess I used up more gas (and time) than expected.

The hiked with who truly kicked my ass was a photographer by the name of MG Imagery, with whom I hiked down to Arizona Hot Springs once. But I didn’t get very far, maybe 5 miles, before I had to stop again — because of even more, even BETTER abandoned ruins! There is a cluster of maybe 20 abandoned buildings on either side of U. I need to relax — but everytime I try, something comes up. Whew! Additionally, I am working on a sort of quirky, NSFW web series with my photographer friends Mike and Kit, who have already posted. Hell, maybe  was the one to set the place on fire — she figured it was her only ticket out! Maybe she lit the place on fire one night in a three-martini-fit of melancholic rage…but her plan backfired horribly when her casino-magnate husband was trapped inside the building!! Maybe he burned alive, and in her despair the aging showgirl packed up her feathers and makeup and fled to Reno…where she changed her name and now lives out her days giving perms and rinses to the bluehairs at Circus Circus.

It’s a really cool place! Anyway, we went into the saloon and ordered drinks; there was only one other customer in the place, so it was pretty dead. I was at meditation! Here I was, way up in the mountains and woods with nothing to distract me but a roomful of supportive, encouraging people…and I still couldn’t fuckin’ focus on my bodily sensations, just my thoughts. I’m a nudist — I wanna soak naked!!” “Uhhhhh it’s a really dangerous trail, I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. The official web series episodes aren’t up yet, but will be soon — and they wrote a REALLY bad ass theme song about me for it 😀 But really, what I’ve been spending most of my time on is my YouTube channel! Ever since I realized I could make money off it last fall, I’ve been focusing more on vlogging than blogging. I dozed off here and there throughout the day? Ironically, my sister had advised me that based on her experience (at a different facility down near Yosemite, where she had a semi-private cell divided by privacy curtains), if the meditation didn’t work out for me I could just sleep through most of the ten days; apparently she’d slept right through the 4:30-6:30 session every morning, and napped here and there in the afternoon. I’m not the fastest, or the craziest — I enjoy a bit of bouldering, but I’m not an adrenaline junkie when it comes to scaling sheer cliffs or anything like that. These two were a Zenned-out looking married couple in their 50s who looked less like the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and more like a heavily sedated Gray Davis and Ellen DeGeneres — right down to the button-down shirts and Dockers they wore. Vipassana teachers who sat at the front of the meditation hall on little wooden platforms, ostensibly guiding us in our practice but not saying much. At one time, it looks like there used to be a casino, a restaurant, a motel and a lodge, plus a bunch of little cabins and houses…but everything is now shuttered and in a charming state of decay 🙂 Poking around the ruins, it looked like there was a fire or something in the restaurant/casino…and the rest of the buildings were just abandoned because of who knows what. Vegas to Reno by way of Beatty, Tonopah and Hawthorne.

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