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Predator Face Shield - By The Gills

Predator Face Shield - By The Gills
Predator Face Shield. $24.99. Out of stock. Protect your face from the elements with the coolest face shield ever produced… The Predator buff… AWESOME! Category: Headwear. Description; Additional information ... Related Products. Dark & Stormy Face Shield. $24.99 Read more · By The Gills Sinking Ship TRUCKER.

However, for now the Federation would try to severely limit the supply of resources to the Empire to prevent Klingon aggression. However, one reason that these foreign beliefs were able to establish themselves in the Empire was that the Klingons had been a largely secular people for the last several hundred years since the overthrow of the last emperor and the "deaths" of native gods. However, to their crews and to Starfleet, the classes truly lived up to the description applied to a class of destroyer 300 years ago on Earth: "magnificent in appearance, majestic in movement, menacing in disposition. Many were, in fact, devotees of the Human playwright Shakespeare, who they felt provided valuable lessons in the pitfalls of command. A sizable minority of Klingons viewed all foreign influences with contempt.

The Klingon High Council viewed these plans with alarm, since they were unfamiliar with the intellectual give-and-take common in democratic societies. Two classes were envisioned: longer-range, powerfully armed, twin-nacelle ships called. Contemporary records kept by the Klingon House of Martok, recently made available to Federation scholars, suggest that the Romulan raid had been intended to lure Starfleet defenses away from the Klingon frontier and that the Romulans were to launch their own attacks against the Federation once Klingon invasion forces had gained a foothold. They also attempted to be the first to exploit the resources of uncontrolled star systems and thereby deny their rival the benefits of the same. While such attacks did not materialize, the Klingons were believed certain to confront the Federation again, although when and how was still a subject of debate.

While en route, was attacked by a Klingon E12 destroyer, which had probably decloaked just outside sensor range. To compensate these governments for potential trade losses, the Federation was willing to purchase enormous quantities of raw materials at prices much higher than the Klingons were able to pay. Starfleet had even strengthened its border defenses in case the subsequent fighting threatened to spill over into space controlled by the Federation or its allies. The Klingons were believed to have established an extensive espionage network within the Federation; even more alarmingly, intercepted Klingon communications suggested that Klingons agents posing as members of Federation races had successfully infiltrated Starfleet and the Federation bureaucracy. The war ended only 4 days after it had begun. Although Chancellor K'tok was certainly not the liberal architect of a "Klingon Spring" hoped for in the Federation, he saw no great harm in allowing selected external influences to strengthen the Empire. Most of this information was genuine, but the Federation was not above enhancing or manufacturing evidence when necessary. Liberal elements within Klingon society welcomed the chance to experience the full spectrum of galactic culture, scholarship, and philosophy. Unlike the precise Starfleet attacks on Klingon military assets, these Klingon attacks were much less discriminate, often killing scores of Federation civilians as well as Starfleet personnel. The E12 used several components from the 20-year-old D6 but had improved Romulan sensors for findings and tracking hostile ships.

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80% Off until August 31, 2015 use Promo Code 'PIN80'. Low Rate and Fast Shipping. SA Co. Face Shields offer style and sun protection without weighing you down. Lightweight and comfortable, our face shields wick away moisture, dry quickly and breathe well. They can be worn multiple ways: headband, bandana, face ...

Starfleet Intelligence also came to suspect that the Klingons had used the increased access to Federation space afforded by the Treaty to undermine Federation security. Although the Federation preferred to use such carrots to persuade governments not to deal with the Klingons, it was not above using the occasional stick, such as downgrading diplomatic relations, imposing extremely high tariffs and trade embargoes, and withdrawing transit privileges. The same problem confronted offers of Klingon culinary delicacies and cultural items. Although only a small percentage of mines ever detonated against an intended target, their mere presence required avoidance and eradication measures for the safety of Klingon military and commercial ship traffic. Of course, such a strategy might backfire by making the Klingons even more desperate for resources and expansion, thereby sparking full-scale war.

Therefore, Federation strategists surmised that control of resources might be the key to preventing future Klingon expansion attempts in the Alpha Quadrant. The Organians demanded a halt to all hostilities, then disabled all military forces of Klingon Empire and the Federation throughout the galaxy when they did not comply. USS  class), operating deep within the TBZ, made distant sensor contact with a large number of Klingon ships about 0. By redeploying ships from the border to diplomatic duties throughout the galaxy, K'tok was said to have signaled the submission of the Empire to Federation predation and domination. True, the resource-denial campaign was having some effect, but would likely drag on for many more years without a decisive conclusion.

In particular, Federation manufacturing, economic, legal, and agricultural practices could greatly increase the efficiency of Klingon industry, food production, and society in general, elevate standards of living, and make the Klingon Empire better able to challenge the Federation in the future. By educating the Klingons' non-Federation trading partners about the "true" nature of Klingon diplomatic and military activities, the Federation hoped to persuade them 1) to sign exclusive trade agreements with the Federation or at least to agree not to deal with the Klingons; 2) to deny refueling, transit, shore leave, and communications-relay privileges to Klingon ships across their space; and 3) to expand their sovereign territories to a radius of 5 ly from their suns, thereby decreasing the amount of free space open to the Klingons. Why would an empire that had launched countless attacks against the Federation suddenly forswear all territorial expansion in the Alpha Quadrant? Were the Klingon Empire's diplomatic overtures a welcome first step toward its becoming a member in good standing of the wider galactic community? Or was the treaty all part of an elaborate stratagem to weaken Federation defenses? Although many Federation citizens had a sincere desire for peaceful relations with the Klingons, the more prevalent view, held by most Starfleet analysts, was that the Treaty of Korvat marked only a moratorium on Klingon aggression, which would resume once the Klingons had recovered from their recent setbacks. To help ensure that any further attacks would be criminal acts without the sanction of the Empire, in 2249 the Klingons and the Federation negotiated (with the help of mediators from the then neutral worlds of Ramatis III and Trillius Prime) and signed the Treaty of Korvat, which normalized relations and established the powers' respective borders and an intervening Treaty Buffer Zone (TBZ) whose final disposition would be determined with subsequent negotiations. However, the Federation decided to make as much political capital as it could from the Klingon treaty withdrawal, with Federation President Klest calling it "a treacherous act that pushed the galaxy to the brink of interspace war. Some observations were made directly by the destroyers, while other were made remotely by highly stealthed, autonomous sentry devices released by destroyers in free space or within Klingon territory. The official Federation response to these Klingon attacks was predictable shock and outrage. For example, he often followed in another ship's subspace wake or shadowed at a fixed distance so that his ship's sensor contact would be misinterpreted as a sensor reflection. While flat, single-hull Andorian layouts did have the advantages of higher speeds and smaller lateral and frontal profiles, most ship's systems were now designed for the standard layout and often required significant alterations for installation in Andorian-designed ships. Because of the relatively peaceful relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, operated under strict rules of engagement.

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