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Off Label Prescribing as Good as On Label - Marginal REVOLUTION

Off Label Prescribing as Good as On Label - Marginal REVOLUTION
Once a drug has been approved for some use it may be legally prescribed for any use. New uses for old drugs are discovered quite often so off-label uses can be very ...

Thus, in an RCT, off-label treatments could be worse on average and yet still provide a very useful weapon in the medical armory. To pick just one topical example, fast-acting, sublingual (absorbed under the tongue) opioids are only indicated for breakthrough cancer pain, but have been wildly overprescribed for off-label uses with disastrous health and economic effect. It’s a faulty thought process that people engage in all the time. It’s been well established that there are publication biases toward studying and publishing positive results. This is a conclusion based off 25 off-labels usages that were chosen specifically to be included in meta-analyses.

I’m sure you want assurance that a sterile drug product is actually sterile prior to it being injected. First, approved medications *have* been safety vetted by the FDA. Based on those conclusions, they generalize to every element in the group. They have responsibility for assuring that data submitted to the FDA in registration filings is compliant and also they monitor manufacturing facilities for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) both pre- and post-approval. Off-label use means a doctor can legally prescribe FDA-approved drugs for a purpose that it is not indicated for (except in the case of opioids and some other controlled substance drugs).

So using them at a different dose for an off-label condition is not quite the same as using a drug that has had no previous study or evaluation. Researchers discovered hundreds of genes that could be connected with autism spectrum disorder. In the end, the best-selling list reveals the expected — that we often turn to doctors for help with our pain, our depression, our diabetes, and our cholesterol levels — and a little bit of the unexpected — that some of the rarest diseases contribute substantial profits to the pharmaceutical industry. Trump should drain the swamp but he’s not bright enough to understand what’s happening. That’s one reason they prescribe the drugs for off-label uses – they know the safe dosage limits. Most in FDA are paper-pushers and watchers, not serious scientific doers. Think of the story of Viagra, which was initially a drug against heart disease; it only got recognized as a erectile dysfunction drug because it had an effect which immediately stood out (as it were) to patients. I would imagine that in the pre-Viagra days, very little research was done on sexual dysfunction drugs- how could that be more popular than a drug that saves people from heart attacks?- so it likewise would have been unlikely to be discovered on purpose. Yet at the margin it’s the dry clinical studies that lay the ground for incremental innovation in health.

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The best-seller list of pharmaceutical drugs includes treatments for pain, depression, diabetes, and cholesterol, yet also unexpected orphan diseases.

Find ways to protect yourself from the potential hazards of off label prescription drugs from Consumer Reports.

It’s likely that the total health impact of off-label prescribing of drugs not included in the Ladanie paper is less positive, perhaps even harmful. Generally, older people take more prescription drugs than younger, so the CDC also breaks down its estimates by age group. FDA already has a streamlined process for getting new indications on the drug label. In the 18- to 44-year-old category, for instance, 40. Sovaldi, the Hepatitis C drug, made headlines when its maker announced its price tag: total treatment costs about $84,000 per patient, minus supplementary treatments (as reported in the Meanwhile, other drugs on the list above became popular due to off-label uses.

People are generally aware of the most common causes of hallucinations, like schizophrenia and a really high fever. One can surely see that the supplements business has become a medicine show, but that’s different than off-label as the use of supplements is not gated by physicians. It’s been well established that there are publication biases toward studying and publishing positive results. Just because two groups are on average equivalent (or one group is on average better or worse than the other) doesn’t mean they’re element-wise equivalent. If pain, cholesterol, diabetes, and depression are what ails us, then many of these medicines directly treat our pain.

New uses for old drugs are discovered quite often so off-label uses can be very different from FDA approved uses. It’s a convenient short cut and often a useful heuristic when there isn’t time to compare things element-wise, but when it comes to prescribing drugs (and lots of other things in our modern world), there’s no reason to be so hasty or rely on generalizations. These folks are not just paper pushers but have sophisticated training. Meals are most definitely not a thing of the past. Others might apply for a follow-up study with a higher patient population or with a more specific protocol to examine the strengths and weaknesses exposed through the first pilot study. A male birth control shot may be on the horizon, and may provide competition for another product being tested — the male pill. The main ingredient in aspirin, salicin, is the oldest pain reliever in history, but it took time and science before it became the drug we recognize today. The critical point is that a drug found to be safe and effective for one use is unlikely to be unsafe for another use, whether or not it is effective in another use. And, as Erik indicates, much of this research is supported financially by pharmaceutical companies. Only for a specific subset of patients, or in “moderate to severe” X, or only after first-line treatment has failed.

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