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Mandatory - Official Site

Mandatory - Official Site
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As the news grew increasingly more worrying, I started to take note of a rallying of effort across the digital and mobile sphere, echoing relief efforts from Haiti, but pushing channels to a new level of engagement. At first glance, this may not seem very impressive. And above all else, the charity intended to “live out and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through all their actions. And I am blogging about how great they are. In the early 1900’s, Vilfredo Pareto determined that 80 percent of the land in Italy was owned by only 20 percent of the population, and so it began.

But that’s a topic for another blog post to come later. He learns that his costume which, for the most part, makes him anonymous, warrants no follow-up of appreciation the next day when he’s hopped back into his regular clothes. Red is so effective it has been proven to stimulate faster heart rates and breathing – and it inspires people to take action. Even colors that don’t have strong symbolic ties like breast cancer or Christmas have powerful emotional associations. We don’t just get to collect candy, eat it, and move to the next door.

The sheer volume of the audience should make us all think twice about discounting games as a potential source of revenue, in non-emergency times and for non-disaster missions. A lot of people and departments, I know. But very few organizations seem to do it. This learning and behavior has a decent parallel to how we handle fundraising. More specifically, in the fast-paced marketing world in which we operate, framing our context around this principle can help to ensure we are focusing on things that matter most. That means they know WHO I am, right? Or so consumer me starts to think (quieting the whole 'Miriam, they have a database plus your member number is in your non-public profile URL' voice inside). But first, you have to have the internal structure in place to be successful with this sort of science. But when put in the context of a recent milestone for the professional networking site-- now has over 100 million member--somehow, being somewhere just below 900,000 seems pretty impressive to me. The amazing clients we work with allow me to do just that". We hate to admit that sometimes a simple black and white envelope beats a stunning four-color photo in the mail.

Donor Power Blog
I came across a picture the other night on Facebook that I promptly shared. It had no explanation, no tag, no link, no credit, no nothing. Just a 4-word phrase ...

Some of the our specials will be posted here... keep checking back soon.

While this transformation was occurring, another one was taking shape within the other charity. The bottom line is that nonprofits just don’t have the kind of SEM budgets that commercial companies do. Remember, much to your creatives’ dismay, sometimes a plain white envelope beats anything else. We’re starting to see gray (or just nothing) at our temples and many of us are perpetually trying to find the illusive work/life balance. Plus neither fun nor happy is exactly an emotional driver for donating.

Donors didn’t take the news of the name change well, and neither did charitable watchdog groups, such as MinistryWatch. We hate to admit that sometimes a simple black and white envelope beats a stunning four-color photo in the mail. And it means establishing a culture of genuine Christian interactions and experiences. The internet is slowly replacing the need for human interaction. If you’re not getting your feet wet and starting to integrate search now, you’re going to leave yourself behind.

The idea of using pictures to send messages actually seems to put that human element back into contact. Instead of redeeming them for night stays, I can now donate them to disaster relief (well, at least if I'm collecting points). Have examples where you’ve tried this?  Share with us in the comments below! Amber is the Digital Project Manager in Merkle’s nonprofit vertical. The organization’s growth strategy is to build stronger relationships and capture a larger share of the global Christian donor market. She chooses to because, in the words of one of her idols, Katharine Graham, “to love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun?” So … we’ve been lapsed for a minute… we know. As if we’re not real humans behind the postage stamp or email send button. In making this bold move, the charity was putting great faith in its brand experience, as opposed to its brand name. More candy!?  Are you serious?  What if Johnny swung by your door twice and asked for a Snickers before he said thank you for the first?  In your head, you’d probably be thinking, “I just gave this little rascal one and he didn’t even say thank you!  And now he wants more?  Who raised this kid?” Well how far off do you think this reaction is from how our donors perceive us when we do the same?  Or when we ask and thank simultaneously?  They may not wonder “Who raised us?”, but they surely are curious to know if we noticed that they sent us money to advance our missions. It was true to the tee!   My first engagement with your cause was through mainstream media or WOM (real and virtual) I need to be cultivated … courted so to speak – take me to an event, show me your site … twice So, how many nonprofit organizations have actually considered this audience as one in which to invest?  If not, have you ever thought about the migration of Gen Y through a donor cycle and wondered if we’d follow in a similar pattern of preceding generations?  I’m sure you have. Especially to those who are freely providing us with the funds to keep our organizations afloat, without anything in return.

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