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Bacterial Urinary Tract Infections - Pharmacology - Veterinary Manual

Bacterial Urinary Tract Infections - Pharmacology - Veterinary Manual
Bacterial urinary tract infections (UTIs) typically result from normal skin and GI tract flora ascending the urinary tract and overcoming the normal urinary tract defenses that prevent colonization. Bacterial UTI is the most common infectious disease oHow to Treat Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs or Cats - 1800PetMeds®
Antibiotics are the main form of treatment for pets with a urinary tract infection, except for cats. For cats, pain medications or joint supplement such as Cosequin is recommended. For all pets, it is important to identify the source of the infection.

Urinary tract infections are more common in dogs than in cats. Overweight pets with extra skin folds are at risk. Some female pets may have inverted vulvas that lead to bacterial buildup and secondary urinary tract infections. Very often, pets with wea Antibiotic guidelines for dogs and cats with urinary tract disease

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