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Texas Urology Specialists Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Urology Specialists Frequently Asked Questions
As urology experts, it’s our job to keep you informed, confident and comfortable. Find frequently asked questions on general urology questions.

If you lubricated, the ring would probably not be as noticeable. How can the blood vessels and urethra shrink and stretch when the penis erects and goes flaccid? Can they too stretch and retract like skin? (age 15) Most of the volume of the erect penis is engorged blood vessels (i. Some guys find that alternating hands when they masturbate makes things more even. He tells me he thinks that his penis is too small (which is crazy; it's 8 inches long erect) and that he doesn't like that he's uncircumcised (which I happen to like a lot) and that he's not muscular enough, which I don't agree with at all. Most other drugs that young males are apt to encounter -- including alcohol -- tend to lower testosterone production.

Is there anything I can do to fix it? (age 15) is the one that contracts when you have an orgasm. Is yellowish semen still good for making babies? If I have yellowish semen, does this mean that I am masturbating too much? (age 23) I would be more inclined to view it as a sign you're masturbating too little. Is this some sort of hoax? (age 20) It's a hoax. I know it hasn't really grown yet and I am worried that beginning masturbation before being developed has caused this. Uncircumcised guys seem to masturbate more often, but it is unclear why.

If you put some lotion on the affected area and avoid touching it while masturbating, it ought to heal in four or five days. If you don't use lotion and continue to touch it through sexual activity, it will probably get worse. The main reason to use lube is so the masturbating itself doesn't injure your penile skin. I really hope she didn't notice I was hard. Undescended means they are up in your abdomen next to your bladder. Does masturbation decrease the risk of prostate cancer? Where is the prostate and the urethra? Can you show a picture pointing out every part of a penis? (age 14) It's my policy not to have pictures on this site. I really like your website; it's really informative. Losing weight would not make your penis bigger or smaller, but it might seem longer if the fatty pad at the base of it were reduced. You can bung your load in a washing machine and it won't call you a week later. I wish to purchase condoms, but I do not know where to buy them without feeling embarrassed.

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What are these bumps? I doubt the bumps have anything to do with masturbating. If you put some lotion on the affected area and avoid touching it while masturbating, it ought to heal in four or five days. I don't think the wound still hurts after 13 years. Does the penis continue to grow after puberty? 3. If my glans is so sensitive that it can't touch anything at all, not even a condom, does this mean that if I were to have sex and it touched the vagina, it's going to hurt too? (age 17) You could try using various kinds of lube and even anesthetics until you find a combination that works.

What is it? (age 12) It was probably pre-cum but it might have been semen. Need to measure it around with a tape measure. My parents told me that my foreskin was already half-circumcised when I was born, and they didn't have me circumcised for that reason. Research shows that uncircumcised males enjoy sex more than circumcised males. I find that if I get a full erection and start masturbating, and then stop after a short while trying to make it last longer, I start to lose my erection, and it will take quite some effort to get another full erection.

I doubt theirs are that big, and I'm pretty sure yours will grow. They don't understand that males are born uncircumcised and that circumcision is unatural. It's embarrassing in social situations such as a dance last weekend, when there was a good looking girl grinding on my genital area, and for some reason, the erection would come and go and was soft and less hard than when I was a freshman. Shame on you for Do you get more hair around your penis and other parts of your body as a result of masturbation? Should people stop masturbating if they are getting too hairy? (age 15) I have heard that the ingredient yellow no. I wish to purchase condoms, but I do not know where to buy them without feeling embarrassed. The fatty pad (called the ) will get smaller as part of overall fat reduction. Your size when you are erect is the only thing that matters. Any suggestions on how to stop these frequent erections? (age 14) I have never seen an erection in a locker room. When properly contracted right before ejaculating, you can delay ejaculation for a second or so, which can produce a more intense feeling and a more powerful ejaculation. I masturbate 1 to 3 times a day.

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